Champions for Children Foundation, Inc.

Supporting Dreams Today ~ To Build Better Tomorrows
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Statistics prove we are right in our thinking. Children who are involved in positive, engaging after school activities are better students, both academically and behaviorally, go further with their education, and are much less likely to be involved with drugs or gangs than their peers who are not. 

Our organization is 100% community supported. 

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WE ARE PASSIONATEabout our vision of an organization that would so profoundly affect, in a positive way, so many young lives, that it would have a positive impact on juvenile crime statistics in the short run, and crime in general as the children we are fortunate enough to assist grow older.  

​If you believe as we do, that as a community we are much better served by giving these children the same opportunities as their more fortunate classmates, to support their dream today and allow them access to the same character building programs as everyone else, we have a good chance of that student growing up to be a success.